15 Helpful Show tips

 Tips for a Smoooooooooooooooth Show Experience

1. Easy way to find your
booth numberEasy Way to Find Booth

Under the "Exhibitor Resources” tab, select “Expo Floor Plan”. Click "Exhibitor List” in upper left corner. Search for company name or see list. Click on company name for additional information. Awesome possum!

2. Your booth does not come with
a table, 
chairs or wastebasket
If you need such items, you can either bring your own or…rent them from the show contractor Innovative Expo. If renting items, place your order before the Advance Order “Discount” Deadline and save serious cash. AVOID ORDERING ANYTHING 
ON-SITE…. chaCHING$$$!
Link to the 
Innovative Expo Exhibitor Service Kit will be
emailed to you in late September/

3. You do not need to rent items from the show contractor Innovative Expo
You can always bring your own chairs, tables, raffle bowls, etc. You may, however, wish to sign-up for our POV (personally owned vehicle) Cart Service depending on the scope of your display and total # of lbs (see #13). Or…just haul ALL your items in (1) trip without the use of a hand truck or luggage cart. 

4. You do not need to order carpet
The exhibit hall is carpeted. If you want something “cushier” for you and your guests to stand on, then by all means, orderNo Need for Carpet carpet. You can order “cushy” carpet through Innovative Expo or…schlep your own. Remember, if you order carpet, you also have to order carpet cleaning – it doesn’t magically get cleaned overnight by the carpet fairies. Better yet, bring your own small portable vacuum (just toss it in with your booth materials).

5. Badge scanner...it’s FREE!
The ATS badge scanner allows you to scan attendee badges and receive all sorts of juicy info. Once on-site, pick-up the scanner at the ATS Service Desk then return it when the show concludes.

6. Shipping your display
Ship your materials as early as possible so they arrive at the Innovative Expo warehouse by the “Advance Shipment” date. Innovative Expo will happily store your items at no charge up to 30 days prior to show date. Details available in the Innovative Expo Exhibitor Service Kit.

7. Booth labor
All labor utilized on Sunday and before 8:00 am on Monday is considered (DT) double time and applicable rates apply. On the flipside, if you wait until Monday morning to set-up, it’s kind of a zoo (not with real animals but ya know, lots of people and moving parts). Use your best judgment based on the scope of your display.

8. Bringing your stuff into the exhibit hall
Load-in and load out of exhibits MUST BE DONE through the loading dock. The main hallway and/or other entrances are not to be used for mov’n your stuff in and out. If you’re hand-carrying items onto the show floor and in (1) trip as our Rules & Regulations state, you MUST park in the designated “exhibitor parking lot”. Don’t park at the dock unless you’re utilizing the POV Cart Service (see #13). Parking, unloading & loading where you’re not supposed to is a no-no and will get yo a** towed. Plus, you’ll probably get yelled at...really, trust me.

9. Bringing stuff through the hallway and/or main show entrance
The convention center pretty much frowns on this BUT, according to their rules and regs, you ARE allowed to move-in/out SMALL items that are either hand-carried or brought in/out via a SMALL luggage cart. NO LARGE FLAT BED CARTS or PORTABLE DISPLAYS ALLOWED THROUGH THE HALLWAY or MAIN SHOW ENTRANCE. Reason being…these items mess up the flooring. Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger.

10. The unions and you
You’ve got your Sign, Display & Allied Crafts Union and your Materials Handling (Drayage) and Storage (Teamsters Union). The first union has jurisdiction over all set- up and teardown of booths, including signs and laying of carpet (think DÉCOR). They don’t have anything to do with the unpacking and placement of merchandise – this is up to you. The second union has jurisdiction over all materials handling equipment, all unloading and reloading, and handling of empty containers (think BOXES).

11. Make friends with the
union dudes

If union employees see you making a bunch of trips back and forth to and from your booth to your vehicle, they’ll be all over your case (aka “it’s a liability thing”). Thus, the POV Cart Service (especially if you have a lot of little stuff under 200 lbs) is definitely worth the investment (see #13) and will keep the union guys off your back.

12. Union dudes are like
a mood ringUnion Dudes

Sometimes though… you CAN get away with making a few trips back and forth and no one bats an eye. Just kind of depends on their mood, if they’re at lunch, if they just had a really positive experience with another exhibitor, etc. Take your chances with this one.

13. Hauling your stuff from the dock to your booth (aka “freight handling” or “drayage”)
If you plan on driving your booth & materials to the show via your own vehicle and…you have under 200 lbs of stuff TOTAL, take advantage of our reduced cost POV Cart Service. Under the "Exhibitor Resources" tab, select “Innovative Expo Exhibitor Service Kit” then “Cart Service”.

Expo Know It All14. Are you a

Probably not. Be sure to check out our “Tips 'n Tricks for the Savvy Exhibitor” under the “Exhibitor Resources” tab for short articles on making your exhibiting experience a great one.

15. Got additional questions?
Call (916) 432-5211 or email me at shall@cahf.org. If you have questions regarding orders with Innovative Expo, please contact Innovative Expo Customer Service at (760) 343-2555 or service@innovativeexpo.com.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you
in Palm Springs!


Have a GREAT show!