QCHF Restorative Nursing Program

The Quality Care Health Foundation (QCHF) has established a statewide registry for Restorative CNAs trained using the QCHF RNA Curriculum. This is a voluntary process.

The value of the RNA Registry is that it provides a central system for identifying and recognizing graduates of the QCHF RNA Curriculum. This makes the certification universal, and allows individual RNAs to carry their certification with them as they move to new assignments.

If you are interested in the Restorative Nursing Program, please complete the “Letter of understanding” and submit to QCHF at cmerced@cahf.org

Roles and responsibilities


The roles of the RNPC are to provide guidance to the RNA and oversight of the RNP.

Pre-requisite RNPC qualifications

Recommended qualifications include:

  • Completion of RNP Certification Course through the Quality Care Health Foundation in California.
  • Current California license as Licensed (LVN) or Registered Nurse (RN).
  • Minimum one-year experience as a licensed nurse in long-term care.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English both verbally and in writing.
  • Willingness and ability to function as coordinator of RNP and supervisor of RNAs.
  • Ability to participate in physical return demonstration for the purpose of competency skills check which may require bending, squatting, reaching, twisting, repetitive grasping, frequent pushing and pulling and frequent lifting up to 150 pounds with assistance.
  • Training in gait belt use, safe transfers and body mechanics.
  • Creative problem solver.

Recommended responsibilities include:

  •  Monitor all aspects of the RNP on an ongoing basis (e.g., skills, documentation, communications, schedules, assignments etc.
  • Review all RNA documentation for accuracy and completeness and update as needed.
  • Serve as primary liaison with the professional Therapists by participating in resident assessments and coordinating the implementation of the RNP or recommendations made by the professional Therapists for nursing staff to follow.
  • Oversee or participate in initiating or updating resident care plans related to the RNP.
  • Assure licensed documentation in the medical record supports resident progress in the RNP.
  • Communicate with the RNAs on a regular basis to review the status of individual resident programs, update programs, review charting and provide input to the RNAs regarding their skills.
  • Assure input regarding the restorative needs of residents is provided at the resident care plan meeting.
  • Serve as resource for other facility staff involved in the provision of restorative services (e.g., activities).
  • Coordinate in-service efforts for restorative nursing and general nursing with staff development designee.
  • Represent the RNP to families, Physicians and other individuals involved in the resident’s care.
  • Conduct the annual reviews of the RNAs.
  • Report to the quality assessment and assurance (QA&A) committee.
For more information on this program or if you have any questions, please contact Claire Enright.