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AFL 20-52 - Members only - Facility specific template for COVID-19 mitigation plan 5/15/20

Power point training on new COVID-19 reporting requirement 5/15/20  

AFL 20-52 - Requirement for facility specific mitigation plan  5/11/20

AFL 20-36.3 - Updated - Guidance on decontamination and reuse of N95 FFRs 6/16/20

COVID-19 state and federal reporting requirements 5/6/20

State launches "Find a COVID-19 Testing site" website portal 5/6/20

Program flex for disposition of pharmaceuticals 5/11/20

AFL 20-43.1 - Online daily reporting of COVID positive patients 4/24/20

AFL 20-48 - Transfers of COVID positive patients to alternate care sites 4/24/20

AFL -20-33.1 Interim guidance for transfer of COVID positive patients 4/24/20

AFL 20-46 - Requests for urgent staffing resources 4/21/20

AFL 20-45 Hotels for Healthcare Workers 4/20/20

AFL 20-44 Expanding access to testing 4/19/20

AFL 20-43 Daily online reporting of COVID positive cases 4/19/20  

Updated PPE guidance on use and extended use of equipment 4/13/20

CDPH issues clarifying guidance on care for COVID-19 patients 4/1/20

CDPH issues temporary suspension of regulatory enforcement 3/30/20

CDPH 1135 waiver request to CMS (not approved) 3/24/20

AFL 20-22.1 - Guidance for limited transmission of COVID-19 in skilled nursing facilities 

CDPH issues new facility visitation waiver details 3/11/20

Waiver for temporary child care for staff 3/17/20

AFL 20-17 Facility preparation for coronavirus 3/3/20

One-page COVID-19 guidance 3/8/20


Updated FAQs on nursing home visitation 6/25/20

COVID-19 reporting requirements and increased enforcement 6/2/20

Guidance on reopening nursing homes to visitors 5/18/20

State Plan Amendment request approval 5/13/20

CMS life safety waiver information 5/12/20

COVID-19 state and federal reporting requirements 5/6/20

COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes 5/6/20

     Survey entrance conference worksheet 5/6/20
     COVID-19 focused survey protocol 5/6/20
Summary of COVID-19 survey for nursing homes 5/6/20

CMS updates blanket waiver to cover QAPI, maintenance 5/1/20

Transfer and discharge of COVID-19 positive patients 4/13/20

New infection control guidance for skilled nursing facilities 4/2/20

CMS issues temporary emergency blanket waiver 3/30/20

Medicare telehealth and telemedicine services toolkit 3/27/20

CMS 1135 Waiver covers prior authorizations, enrollment, alternative settings 3/23/20

Quality Reporting Program requirements suspended 3/22/20

New info and links on CMS waiver of 3 day hospital stay requirement 3/17/20

CMS issues new visitation guidance 3/14/20

CMS issues updated recommendation to screen facility visitors 3/9/20

CMS guidance on screening, patient discharges and survey changes 3/4/20

     QSO 20-14    Nursing Home guidance on screening employees and visitors and transfers and discharges of patients

     QSO 20-12    CMS re-prioritizes survey to include immediate jeapordy and coronavirus prevention

     QSO 20-13    Hospital guidance on testing and management of COVID-19 patients