Nursing Home Leader Academy has expanded!

CAHF is pleased to announce an expanded Nursing Home Leader Academy (NHLA) so all association members can benefit from ongoing leadership training throughout the year.  In 2020, NHLA content experts will offer ongoing leadership enrichment opportunities at sessions designated as NHLA curriculum at CAHF’s spring, summer and fall conferences and during quarterly online webinars. 

For those interested in a more in-depth experience, the elite academy will also offer the NHLA Intensive 2021, an exclusive nine-month program for exceptional nursing home administrators and nurse leaders who are accepted into the program.

The NHLA Intensive 2021 will offer concentrated learning sessions at CAHF’s three major conferences during the year.  Instruction will include a focus on customer and staff engagement, leadership principles, steps for QASP success and quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI). Other offerings will cover staff stability, business development, and community and disaster leadership. Each graduate will strengthen their skills as they work to complete a quality improvement project.

Enhance your skills and prepare for new challenges by participating in NHLA Intensive 2021.  Applications are now available. Apply here.


For more information, contact DeAnn Walters at


What others are saying about the Academy!

"Very well organized. Great speakers."

"The distinct strength of the program is the material and instructors. This has assisted me  to gain/further knowledge and skills that will be very useful for me in the future."

"Appropriate content with effective examples. Intimate group, yet enough participants to gather helpful data."

"Specific topics that relate to our groups for NHLAE were great. It's applicable immediately when we get back to the facility."  

"Always love the presenters and subject matter. Thank you!"

"Great mix of activities with lectures."

"I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend a conference that definitely sharpened existing skills but also put new frontiers coming in perspective by using a 'quality' lens."  

"It is a delight to be in the same room with 35 peers."

"Practical application of lofty ideals."

                                                                    2019 NHLAE Graduates!