CAHF's Nursing Home Leader Academy is in session
Nine-month program begins with a virtual kick off

For the first time, CAHF’s Nursing Home Leader Academy (NHLA) Intensive began with a virtual kick off!

The three opening sessions extended over three weeks and covered important leadership topics including leadership and the quality imperative, staff stability and engagement, stress management and best chance of success.

Through it all, NHLA participants were virtually face-to-face with the faculty team interacting and asking questions, building relationships with one another and choosing leadership skills to focus upon.

NHLA is a nine-month series of exercises and discussions. As the sessions progress, students work on their own facility-based Quality Assurance Performance Improvement project and benefit from their peers and instructors providing feedback - and assisting them in exploring approaches and reaching the optimal solution.

NHLA Intensive promises an enriching experience and one that will provide ongoing value for years to come.

Although NHLA Intensive 2021 has already begun, you may get a jump on NHLA Intensive 2023 by applying and ensuring your seat.

What Academy Participants are saying...
  • "NHLA taught me how to develop a better systematic approach to tackling a variety of issues we experience our Skilled Nursing Facilities."


  • "NHLA is an excellent program!"


  • "There were great opportunities for networking, system management and development and it was great to gather new ideas and programs from leaders of other homes and organizations to implement in my facility."


  • "NHLA is an exceptional program that provides valuable education and training opportunities from key leaders in the industry!"


2019 NHLA Graduates