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Continued Education (CE) Request Form
(Fill out request form and email to Cheyenne Merced)
(updated 10/24/2023)

Chapter CE Handbook
A Guide for CAHF chapters seeking CEs for chapter education

(updated 10/2023)

Pre-Approved Classes for Chapter Trainings/Meetings
A list of classes pre-approved for CEs
(updated April 2024)

Long Term Care Career Guide
A guide to working in long-term care

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A full list of license and training applications

QCHF will now offer CEs and documents to accommodate chapter meetings online via web-based/on-demand trainings.

You will need to provide the chapter CE request form, completed with the box checked “web-based/on-demand documents requested.”

QCHF will provide you with an evaluation and CE certificate that you will be able to email to your attendees. You will be required to provide QCHF with a complete attendee list from the online learning platform. That list must include, at a minimum, the attendee’s name, email address and the length of time that they were logged on to the online learning session.

Required Documents to be returned to QCHF:

Evaluation forms completed for each attendee
Tests results for each attendee (must reflect a 70% or better pass rate)
Proof of attendance Report*:  The report (typically generated from your chosen virtual training platform) must be in one document and include the following

The report*/list must contain, but is not limited to the following: 

•    Training title
•    Date of training
•    Attendee name
•    Attendee License number (if applicable)
•    Date of birth (if no license number is available)
•    Attendee email address
•    Log in/out time for each attendee “report” (typically pulled form virtual learning platform)

Other virtual learning requirements:

•    The courses policies and procedures must address equipment failures and student absences.
•    The course online learning environment must provide safeguards to protect personal information.
•    To qualify for CE credit, each course must include course evaluations and tests results for each attendee.