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Check this page for regular updates and latest state and federal guidance on COVID-19. New items in red. 

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State Health Care Order - COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers 8/5/21
State Health Care Order - COVID-19 visitation requirements in health care settings 8/5/21 
State Health Care Order - COVID booster mandate extended 1/25/22

AFL 22-08     Updates penalties and appeal rights 2/7/22

AFL-22-07     Updates visitation restrictions 2/7/22

AFL 22-02      Test kits for visitation available 1/14/22

AFL 21-08.7   Return to work guidance for HCP with COVID  1/8/22

AFL 20-40.3  Temporary suspension of requirements for NATPs 12/31/21

AFL 20-35.6  Temporary suspension of certification requirements for CNAs  12/31/21

AFL 21-08.6 Updated guidance on return to work for HC personnel exposed to COVID  12/30/21

AFL 21-51     Training and qualifications for Infection Preventionists 12/13/21

AFL 21-49    COVID Infection Prevention Guidelines for the 2021 Holiday  12/8/21
AFL 21-37     BYD Field Action Notification 9/22/21 

AFL 21-18    Testing and PPE for unvaccinated staff 8/3/21

AFL 20-32.3  Suspension of Regulatory Enforcement of Specified Skilled Nursing Facility Requirements 6/2/21

AFL 20-22.8  Guidance for Limiting the Transmission of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities 6/2/21

AFL 20-22.7  Guidance for Limiting the Transmission of COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities 4/16/21

AFL 21-08.2 Guidance on Quarantine for Health Care Personnel Exposed to COVID-19 3/23/21

AFL 21-11 Guidelines for staffing audits 3/17/21

AFL 20-38.6 Visitation Guidance for All Facilities 3/17/21

AFL 20-22.6 New guidance on indoor visitation 3/8/21

AFL 21-08.1 Duration of quarantine and risk assessment update 3/8/21

AFL 21.08.1 Updated guidance for health care workers exposed to COVID-19  3/5/21

AFL 20-69.1  Resumption of relicensing and recertification surveys April 1, 2021  3/1/21

AFL 21-08 Quarantine guidance for health care workers exposed to COVID-19 1/29/21

AFL 21-07  Maintain efforts to increase staffing levels 1/25/21

AFL 21-05 - Fit-testing resource requests  1/13/21

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