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QCHF Scholarship Programs

As part of the Quality Care Health Foundation’s mission to provide educational opportunities to the working professionals in long-term care, we offer two scholarships to up to 19 individuals every year. These scholarships are made possible by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations that, like us, seek to improve the careers of long-term care workers and the lives of those they care for.

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Elevate Charities Scholarship Program
Quality Care Health Foundation

Advance your educational goals and career in long‐term care, while improving the quality of care you provide to some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

More than a decade ago, Ensign Services founder Christopher Christensen established a charitable foundation. In 2022, the Elevate Charities Scholarship program awarded scholarships of $5000 each to four deserving individuals to pursue careers in nursing. The Ensign Foundation became the HOME Foundation in 2014 and in 2019 was re-named Elevate Charities.

Long-term care employees take the next step in your professional development with the Elevate Charities Scholarship. Every year, this scholarship awards $5,000 each to four individuals.

Elevate Charities Scholarship Funds Request Form                                                            

  • Rochelle Marshall

    Rochelle Marshall

  • Jean Parriott

    Jean Parriott

  • Christina Flores

    Christina Flores

  • Hilda Dionne

    Hilda Dionne

  • Bamie Macmillan

    Bamie Macmillan

  • Martha Farias

    Martha Farias

  • Cornelius Olive

    Cornelius Olive

  • Stephanie Baez

    Stephanie Baez

  • Hannah Espinoza

    Hannah Espinoza

  • Melissa Dietrick

    Melissa Dietrick

The Paul Tunnell Career Climb Scholarship is now closed.

Long‐term care employees, take the next step in your professional development with the Paul Tunnell Career Climb Scholarship. This annual scholarship of up to $2,500 is open to anyone currently working in the long‐term care industry with at least one year of experience. No matter what your current position, you can get assistance furthering your educational goals and your career in long‐term care, while improving the quality of care you provide to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

The Paul Tunnell Career Climb Scholarship is named for longtime CAHF member and Board Chair Paul Tunnell. Paul was a licensed nursing home administrator in San Francisco, where he demonstrated daily his genuine appreciation and respect for his staff and residents. His dedication to the profession of long term care and skilled nursing showed in his sense of humor and passion for those he served and guided. It is our hope that the scholarship bearing his name will help foster new long term care/skilled nursing professionals possessing Paul’s tremendous strength of character and empathy.