The CAHF Volunteer Engagement Project

In 2018, the California Department of Public Health awarded a grant to the California Association of Health Facilities to develop a template for the creation and sustainment of volunteer programs in skilled nursing facilities.

The CAHF Volunteer Engagement Project provided a framework for facilities to engage their communities and create a successful and ongoing volunteer program. Initially, the two and a half year program started an intensive pilot volunteer program in 20 skilled nursing facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the program to pivot to create a hybrid template which incorporated virtual volunteer strategies along with a traditional volunteer program roadmap.

The presence of a robust volunteer program in a skilled nursing center improves quality of life by providing companionship and individualized activities that are resident-driven. The project helped identify effective, positive, person-centered practices supported by volunteers and includes an Idea Guide as a resource. 

A free, comprehensive state-specific Handbook is now available to any of California’s 1,220 skilled nursing facilities that are interested in implementing a successful, sustainable volunteer program.

For more information contact DeAnn Walters at 916-432-5213

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Handbook - How to Create a Robust Volunteer Program in Your Skilled Nursing Facility (English)

Handbook - How to Create a Robust Volunteer Program in Your Skilled Nursing Facility (Spanish)

Idea Guide - 50 Ideas for Virtual Interaction with Older Adults

Sample Volunteer Recognition Calendar

How to Start Volunteering at a Skilled Nursing Facility

Resources for Activity Directors During COVID-19, updated 12/8/2020

FREE Topic Webinars

Sample QAPI Reports

Work Plan

Work Plan (Fillable PDF)

Virtual Volunteer Flyer (1)

Virtual Volunteer Flyer (2)

Virtual & In-Person Volunteer Flyer

Volunteer Flyer (1)

Volunteer Flyer (2)

Volunteer Flyer (3)