Helpful Guidelines
Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth show experience.

Exhibitor Prospectus
Exhibitor Prospectus

Be sure to carefully read the prospectus
with focus on critical dates. 
Promptly make your exhibit space
        payment as it is payable upon receipt
.Moving Boxes

Innovative Expo Exhibitor Service Kit

When you receive your link to the online Innovative Expo Exhibitor Service Kit in
late September/early October...

Pay particular attention to materials
handling & storage and installation &
dismantling dates and times (standard time
or double time labor rates). Highlight or
circle important items that will instantly
draw your attention or that of the person in
charge of the booth.

Complete your order
before the discounted
        price deadline
. Costs of
        renting items on-site 
increase substantially.                Telephone orders should
        be confirmed in writing.  Any service
or rental cancellations should also
        be confirmed in writing. Confirm that all
orders/payments have been received.

Booth carpet, if ordered, is delivered clean
(if not, ask Innovative Expo to clean it prior 
to any set-up).  Be sure to pre-order a                    
pre-show or daily cleaning service.  Better            yet, bring a small compact vacuum cleaner.          If it’s compact & light enough, you can send          it along with the rest of your display and              save bundles on pre-show or daily cleaning.

Keep in mind that chairs & wastebaskets, if
ordered, are delivered right before show
opening for 2 reasons:

1) other exhibitors may “borrow”
such items for their own booth and...

2) there’s liability issues involved when
exhibitors use chairs as ladders for
erecting their own displays.  If you do                    order a wastebasket, be sure to leave                    it in the aisle each evening so it can be                  emptied. 

If you feel an item you ordered is                            missing, check with Innovative Expo.
Allow adequate
delivery time
for your booth
display to reach
its destination.
Note the
specified dates, address and deadline
that Innovative Expo is to receive
shipments prior to move-in day.  Note the
shipping address to be used before & after 
the deadline date.  Be sure to monitor the
movement of your booth display...
don’t want it to end up at the wrong show!

If all possible, ship to Innovative Expo's
warehouse prior to their deadline.  The
rate will be significantly lower
 than if 
shipped directly to the Palm Springs 
Convention Center on move-in day.

Remember, freight can sometimes get
lost in the exhibit hall. Try painting your
crate a distinctive color for quickly
locating if misplaced.

Show Labor

Provide your booth
personnel with a copy
of the Rules &
Regulations (found in
the Exhibitor Prospectus) and emphasize
the importance of adhering to them -
especially the local unions’ division of

Please do not criticize or engage in
arguments with labor personnel. Discuss
the problem
with CAHF show management.
CAHF show management will then discuss
the problem with an Innovative Expo
representative if necessary.

If you plan to set-up a small exhibit by
yourself without union labor, refer to the
Rules & Regulations (found in the

Remember, don’t just grab any ‘ol cart lying
around and start moving items to
booth. There’s liability issues involved --
don’t do it.

Setting Up Your Booth
Unpack literature and
other materials well
in advance of the expo
opening so the aisles 
can be cleared of
debris before
convention attendees
enter.  Keep in mind... the expo cannot
open until all debris is cleared from the
aisles.  Once the aisles are clear, the plastic
covering on the carpet can then be
removed and the expo may open.

Show Time
Advise booth personnel to arrive early,
obtain their badges and be in the exhibit
hall before the exhibits open.