Below is a list of great educational opportunities that will help you prepare for the Nursing Home Leader Academy (NHLA) Intensive 2023.

How Nursing Homes Can Benefit from Culture Change
August 16 |
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid stated in their 2015 Final Rule the "Many of the quality of life improvements changes in this final rule are grounded in the concepts of person-centered care and culture change. These changes not only result in improved quality of life for the resident, they can result in improvements in the caregiver's quality of work life and in savings to the facility." This presentation reviews known nursing home Culture Change best practices that can result in positive outcomes for both nursing homes and their residents.

  • Improve understanding of Nursing Home Culture Change best practices

  • Increase awareness of how Nursing Home Culture Change can improve the quality of workplace and possibly even business bottom line.

  • Increase knowledge of where to find resources and reference material on how to implement Nursing Home Culture Change best practices

CE hours: NHAP - 1 and BRN - 1

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Enriching the Workplace Culture

October 18 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

QCHF's Executive Director Claire Enright will focus on creating a workplace culture that is positive and professionally rich as well as enhances staff recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Be able to verbalize what an enhanced workplace culture is

  • Have knowledge of available workplace culture resources

  • Understand the value of creating an enhanced workplace culture

CE hours: NHAP - 1 and BRN - 1

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Grassroots Leadership
Available On-Demand 

CAHF Grassroots, Conor Sweeney will discuss the importance of grassroots advocacy and the impact of grassroots advocacy on policy-making. Registrants will be shown examples of successful grassroots efforts and learn how they can get involved themselves.  

  • Learn how grassroots advocacy affects policy-making

  • Learn how to be an effective grassroots advocate

  • Learn about California's political landscape

CE hours: NHAP - 1 and BRN - 1

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