CAHF urges restrictions on visitations

For Immediate Release
March 11, 2020

In response to the current, rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout many communities statewide, CAHF's top priority is to help prevent the virus from entering skilled nursing centers, given the high fatality rate among the elderly.

Once in a building, the mortality rate could be as high as 50 percent based on early data from Washington State.

The passing of an assisted living community resident in Northern California on Tuesday, March 10 is yet another reminder that CAHF members must adhere to strict precautions to prevent the entrance and spread of COVID-19 in long term care facilities.

CAHF is urging compliance with AHCA's minimum recommendations for restricting visitors. 

AHCA strongly recommends adhering to five actions to help prevent the entry of COVID-19 into your facility.

1. Allow entry only to individuals who need entry.

2. Restrict activities and visitors with potential for exposure.

3. Actively screen individuals entering the building and restrict entry to those with respiratory symptoms or possible exposure to COVID-19.

4. Require all individuals entering the building to wash their hands at entry.

5. Set up processes to allow remote communication for residents and others.

Please refer to AHCA's message that details each of the five recommended actions.

Program Flex Requests

Facilities need to submit a “program flexibility” Form 5000A to the California Department of Public Health that outlines visitation and activity policies.      

View the prepopulated form 5000A for your use. (Adobe acrobat needed). You will need to complete your facility specific information and adjust the form as needed. Then email the form directly to