This intensive and interactive nine-month program will focus on teaching participants practical applications to accomplish individual facility goals.

We are looking for outstanding licensed nursing-home administrators with a minimum of two years of experience in that position or a nurse leader who completed the QCHF Director of Nursing / Nurse Leadership Training. Participants will be ready to take their leadership skills to the next level, learn from nationally recognized experts, and focus on building skills in quality assurance/performance techniques. 

The format is designed for busy schedules, with a combination of in-person, online, and webinar sessions.  

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What others are saying about the Academy!

"Very well organized. Great speakers."

"The distinct strength of the program is the material and instructors. This has assisted me  to gain/further knowledge and skills that will be very useful for me in the future."

"Appropriate content with effective examples. Intimate group, yet enough participants to gather helpful data."

"Specific topics that relate to our groups for NHLAE were great. It's applicable immediately when we get back to the facility."  

"Always love the presenters and subject matter. Thank you!"

"Great mix of activities with lectures."

"I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend a conference that definitely sharpened existing skills but also put new frontiers coming in perspective by using a 'quality' lens."  

"It is a delight to be in the same room with 35 peers."

"Practical application of lofty ideals."

                                                                    2018 NHLAE Graduates!

Left to right (back row)- Greg Hollingsworth, John Chandar, Jr., Ferdinand Ouapou-Lena, Christian Marcheschi, Dean Gosselin, Nicole Melching, Jeremy Pantovich, Phylene Sunga

Left to right (front row)-  Erika Castile, Elsie Achiles, Fabienne Ouapou-Lena, Sheilla Ortiz-Luis, Meenaskshi Aggarwal, Judy Treloar, Velda Pierce, Kristine Perry