Benefits that Begin When You Become a CAHF ICF/IID Member

There are many good reasons why a developmental disabilities (DD) services provider (or an “Under Construction” DD provider in the process of being licensed) should belong to CAHF.

CAHF membership is a great value for DD providers. For those not yet licensed, an “Under Construction” membership costs just $200 a year and you are not charged facility-level dues until you are open and accepting clients. 

For those already in operation, facility-level membership is based on the provider’s number of licensed beds – for example, a typical 6-bed home only pays approximately $30 a month for dues. When you become a member, all your employees can access the valuable CAHF benefits listed below:

• Unlimited access to CAHF’s professional experts on topics such as surveys, cost reports, reimbursement, clinical issues and regulations. CAHF demonstrates its strong commitment to DD providers by providing staff persons who have extensive DD experience and expertise.

• Access to the ICF/IID Forum e-mail group and the vast amount of information in the “members only” sections of the CAHF website.

• The CAHF & ICF/IID electronic newsletters, in addition to provider updates, e-mail alerts, and bulletins containing important information.

• Specialized DD trainings and events, such as New Provider, QMRP/QIDP, Business Management trainings and symposia specifically designed for DD providers.

• Member discounts that provide significant savings on registration fees for CAHF conventions, meetings, symposia and seminars. When you become a CAHF member, the membership benefits (such as member price) extend to all your employees.

• Participation in the Developmental Services Conference, which represents the interests of CAHF’s ICF/IID members.

• For “Under Construction” members who are not yet open for business, access to CAHF’s ICF/IID experts can help greatly when going through the licensing and certification process. For the “Under Construction” application, contact Leyla Taber (see below).

For more information on becoming a member of CAHF, please feel free to contact Leyla Taber, Membership Coordinator, at 916-432-5184 or