Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing centers in California are filled with short-term residents in need of physical, occupational or speech therapy following joint replacement, strokes, falls or other serious injuries.  With skillful rehabilitation, most individuals return home after a few weeks or months of therapy.

To demonstrate the power of focus and commitment on the part of the patient and the therapist, check here each month to learn about some successful California rehabilitation stories.   









                                                                               Before arriving at Windsor Healthcare of Oakland, 82 year old Lilian was hospitalized for three months after experiencing a traumatic fall at home.  During an initial assessment, her physical and occupation therapists discovered Lilian’s balance and strength was severely impaired.  She could only walk a few feet at a time and needed help with most of her normal activities of daily living.  

Lilian spent most days enduring challenging exercises with the help of her therapists to rebuild her strength and balance. Self-motivated and determined to get better, she continued to make progress.  Several months later, she began the advanced phases of her rehabilitation protocol that involved obstacle training and community walking simulations. Lilian and her rehab team worked vigorously to finalize her functional skills, and because of her strong spirit and willingness to face challenges, Lillian was discharged back to her home.                                                                                                                                              


                                                                                               Using a front wheel walker, Richard was able to get around the house and work in his garden, enjoying a lifestyle where he was able to take care of his daily needs. 

Following a knee injury, Richard was admitted to 
Riverside Point Healthcare and Wellness Centre in Chico. Eager to  participate in his rehabilitation sessions, Richard worked hard with occupational and physical therapists. 

He was soon able to dress himself without assistance and transitioned from using a walker to a single point cane. With his prior level of function restored, he has been reunited with his wife and is living independently at home.