• Live Sessions - May 26
  • On-Demand Sessions

12:00PM - 12:50PM
Shutting the Back Door - Strategies to Retain New Staff
Matthew Cantrell, LNHA | NAHCA

Often there are many factors that contribute to new hire turnover. Consequently, there are different solutions to increase retention among this group. This session will explore strategies to reduce turnover among new staff, particularly CNAs. Some topics that will be discussed during the session are the use of Certified Preceptors, the onboarding process, organizational culture, and the interview process.

12:50PM - 1:40PM
DSDs: Drivers of Safe Care Delivery
Jason Belden | CAHF

DSD's are required to train staff on various regulatory issues. In this session we will discuss the requirements specific to emergency preparedness and how you as a DSD can not only teach the staff, but drive your company towards a safer environment to provide care.

1:50PM - 2:40PM
How to Encourage Self-Care and Avoid Burnout in Your Workers
Jennifer Birdsall, Ph.D., ABPP | CHE Behavioral Health Services

This presentation will review training materials on how to cope with stress, build resilience, and encourage self-care to avoid burnout and stay positive and focused during difficult times.

2:40PM - 3:30PM

Epilepsy in Older Adults

Jennifer Wilbanks | Sunovion

Epilepsy can be a challenging disease state to manage.  In this presentation, we will begin with an epilepsy disease state overview and then look at the impact on a patient’s life.  We will highlight some of the challenges in managing epilepsy as well as techniques used to diagnosis epilepsy.

3:40PM - 4:30PM

Up-To-Date Files for CDPH

Terri Mack | Sevada Hairapetian, RN, CEN, SMQT | Rakisha Hughes | Suzanna Nye, MS, RDN, FADA, FAND • California Department of Public Health

This session will provide brief overviews of the CDPH healthcare professional and training programs. The panel of presenters will introduce new forms and application processes for nurse assistant training programs, provide an overview of the new application submission process for CNAs, e.g., the online application process and provide an update regarding the expiration of the Governor’s Executive Order on June 30, 2022. 

Serious Mental Illness Online Training for Long-Term Care Staff

John Hobday, M.A. | HealthCare Interactive, Inc.

This session will provide an introduction on serious mental illness (SMI), information on better understanding SMI, how people successful function and live with SMI, and how applying a five-step standardized framework for care is a powerful tool for staff to use and apply whenever a resident has an SMI diagnosis, or even when an SMI is simply suspected. This session will also provide video examples of real care providers and people living with SMI, their stories, their struggles, what is most helpful in terms of care, and recommendations on what staff could do better. The session will conclude with a discussion of why quality online training can be a powerful tool to assist your organization in reducing conflict and challenging care situations.

Record Keeping and CDPH

Patti Owens, LVN, NHA | CAHF

This course is designed to provide the DSD with the competencies and best practices on record keeping and CDPH communication. The DSD will learn the regulatory requirements for DSD record keeping, best practices for record keeping management and be provided tools to help enhance communication skills with CDPH.

ALERT: Need Someone (Anyone) To Fill Shift ASAP

Peter Corless, MBA | OnShift

How often does your organization scramble to fill open shifts and last-minute call-offs? If you are like most providers, this happens more often than you would like to admit. The reason is simple: we are facing an unprecedented staffing crisis. Most organizations cannot find, hire and retain employees without relying on excessive overtime or agency labor.

The answers are much more involved, but it is clear that relying on status quo staffing strategies has become costly, ineffective, and can be a detriment to resident care.

This session will critically examine new research on today’s and tomorrow’s workforce challenges, explore frontline staff perspectives on their needs and wants, and provide real-world case studies showing how digital transformation strategies are elevating recruitment, retention and staffing in senior care.

This is a can’t-miss session for providers needing to transform the vicious cycle of employee burnout and turnover into a virtuous cycle of quality care and employee retention.