LGBTQ Resident Rights Training

***As of August 1, 2018, every skilled nursing facility in California must be in compliance with the updated LGBT training requirements described in AFL 18-21.

All Medical Directors, Licensed Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants employed by a facility must receive a certificate of participation.

The Quality Care Health Foundation (QCHF), in partnership with Mariposa Training and CALTCM, has created a one-hour webinar to meet this mandate.

This one-hour webinar is available for a $15 fee

The webinar will describe:

  • Required elements for responding to the needs of LTC organizations to provide sensitive and respectful services to LGBT residents
  • Relevant terminology related to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Common challenges experienced by LGBT older adults
  • Recommendations for honoring patient rights

This webinar will also satisfy new legal requirements for staff and management in long term health care to participate in LGBT sensitivity training.

*PLEASE NOTE - Each participant must have their own individual login to meet the requirements per AFL 18-21.

To view the webinar now, click here.

Staff contact: Claire Enright, 916 432-5190