Business Management

Supervises the business policy and procedures of CAHF. Preparation of the annual CAHF budget, regular review of financial performance, analysis of business-related issues and the review of service contracts and staff benefit programs are the committee’s primary duties. This committee is usually chaired by CAHF’s secretary/treasurer.

·   Committee Chair: Matt Yarwood, St. Francis Extended Care, Hayward, 510-782-3825,

·   Staff Liaison: Tonja Fontes, 916-432-5215

Bylaws & Credentials

Monitors the Bylaws of the Association, assuring that the Association operates within the Bylaws. The committee recommends changes in the Bylaws to the CAHF Board when necessary. The committee clarifies and credentials all delegates to the House of Delegates meeting at the CAHF Annual Convention, as well as for any special House of Delegates meeting that might be called.

·   Committee Chair: Calvin Callaway, Folsom Care Center, Folsom, 916-985-3641,

·   Staff Liaison: Laura Thomas, 916-432-5199,


Responsible for selecting meeting sites, implementing the CAHF Spring Legislative Conference, Summer Conference and Annual Convention, including themes, speakers, entertainment and budget.

·   Committee Chair: Lisa Tatarian McQuone, Dycora Transitional Health & Living, Manchester 559-227-4063,

·   Staff Liaison: Laura Thomas 916-432-5199,

Government Relations

GR is the policy-making committee of the Association. It is comprised of 35-40 members representing various interest groups and political opinions within CAHF membership. All members of the Board of Directors are members of the GR Committee. GR has several subcommittees assigned to specific issue areas.

·   Committee Chair: Mike Williams, Ensign Group, Mission Viejo, 949-487-9500

·   Staff Liaison: Rita Chen Fujisawa, 916-432-5206,

GR Legal Subcommittee

Monitors legal matters concerning the profession and makes its recommendations to GR on legal action when administrative, financing or regulatory issues cannot otherwise be resolved.

·   Subcommittee Chair: Darryl Ross, Mariner HC, Mission Viejo, 949-238-7775,

·   Staff Liaison: Matt Robinson, 916-432-5205,

GR Payment Subcommittee

Responsible for reviewing, analyzing and proposing policy on payment issues, managed care and reimbursement systems, including issues related to state budget and rates, national reimbursement, managed care and subacute care.

·   Subcommittee Chair: Deb Friedman, Rockport Healthcare Services, 323-326-3413,

·   Staff Liaison: Jeff Sandman, 916-432-5180, 

GR Quality Improvement Subcommittee

Monitors clinical matters concerning the profession and makes its recommendations to GR.

·   Subcommittee Chair: Terry Sheets, Meritage Healthcare LLC, 530-894-1010,

·   Staff Liaison: DeAnn Walters, 916-432-5213,

GR Regulatory Subcommittee

Monitors regulatory matters concerning the profession and makes its recommendations to GR.

·   Subcommittee Chair: Deborah Witt, Genesis HealthCare, 9585 N Woodrow Ave. Fresno, 559- 790-1926,

·   Staff Liaison: Vacant

GR Workforce Subcommittee

Provides strategic guidance and expertise to assist the Association in identifying key workforce issues and developing programs to strengthen our ability to recruit, train and stabilize the professional workforce in long-term care facilities. The subcommittee is comprised of various CAHF members representing the spectrum of care and selected non-members.

·   Subcommittee Chair: Ken Evans, Dycora Transitional Health & Living, Fresno

·   Staff Liaison: Claire Enright,

Products and Services

Reviews potential cost-saving programs and products which can be made available to CAHF’s membership through the Association.

·   Committee Chair: Richard MacFarlane, HPSI, 916-482-0652,

·   Staff Liaison: Joe Diaz, 760-944-1666,

Public Advocacy

Provides critical insight, strategies and community support for CAHF’s public relations, advertising and grassroots advocacy efforts. The committee is comprised of various CAHF members representing the spectrum of care.

·   Committee Chair: John Gardner, Victoria Care Center, Ventura, 818-292-7156,

·   Staff Liaison: Deborah Pacyna, (916) 432-5189,

Strategic Planning

Responsible for the development of a long-range plan which attempts to identify the future environment in which the profession will operate. On behalf of members, develops policies, goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for successfully advocating the proper role of long-term care in the health care continuum.

·   Committee Chair: Mike Williams, Ensign Group, Mission Viejo, 949-487-9500,

·   Staff Liaison: Rita Chen Fujisawa, (916) 432-5206,