Upcoming QCHF Webinars

How to have a successful HIM Department in POST Acute Care & ICD -10-CM for LTC
July 31, 2018

11:00 am - 12:00 pm (PST)

1 NHAP & 1 BRN CE Hour Requested

The course will focus on the importance of recruiting qualified people and or providing the proper resources for your HIM staff in order for them to succeed. 

A footprint of what is required to run a successful HIM department, and a glimpse of a good job description. The ICD 10 portion of this presentation will outline the trainer/auditors perspective, what the staff should be doing, i.e. obtaining the proper code book and guidelines, getting proper training, having random audits of the coding to assure accuracy, what the payors are looking at.  


  1. Each participant will gain an understanding that to work in Long term care requires knowledge of many things, from regulations, to audit systems, HIPAA and ROI.
  2. Each participant will understand the workflow required for a successful HIM department.
  3. Participants will understand that in order to succeed in the HIM department getting proper training to run the HIM department and staying current on ICD 10 coding issues will benefit the facility all around.



Kim Lutz

Fillmore & Co. Inc.

William Roush 

Fillmore & Co. Inc. 

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