Thursday, December 08, 2016
Benefits of DD Membership in CAHF


CAHF membership is a great value for DD providers. For those not yet licensed, an “Under Construction” membership is available for just $200 a year. For those who are in operation, membership is a reasonable cost based on the provider’s  number of licensed beds – for example, for about $30 a month (less expensive than the cost of cable TV!), an operator of a typical six-bed home can receive the resources described below.

  • Unlimited access to CAHF’s professional experts on topics such as survey process, cost reports, clinical issues and regulatory guidance.
  • Access to the DD Forum e-mail group and the “members only” sections of the CAHF Web site.
  • CAHF& DD newsletters.
  • Provider updates, e-mail alerts, and bulletins containing important information.
  • Specialized seminars on DD-specific issues and an annual symposium just for developmental services providers.
  • Member discounts on vital trainings, such as New Provider and QMRP classes, as well as the annual DD Symposium and all CAHF conventions and meetings.
  • Participation in the Developmental Services Conference, which represents the interests of CAHF’s DD members.

CAHF also demonstrated its commitment to its DD members by naming Mary Jann as CAHF’s program director for developmental services. Her extensive expertise in developmental services was gained through her 20 years of experience providing direct services as an RN and a QMRP. She was also a former surveyor for Licensing & Certification at the Department of Health Services (DHS).

Additionally, she served three years as a specialist for CAST, the DHS Consultation and Support Team supporting DD providers in California. Mary is an outstanding resource person for CAHF’s developmental services members, and access to her advice and knowledge is a major benefit of membership.

For more information, please feel free to call Bev Allen in Member Services at (800) 347-5547, ext. 5184, or Mary Jann at ext. 5202.

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