Saturday, March 28, 2015
Art For Life

Galliard Lewis - LiliesIn 2010, CAHF began “Art for Life” with the creation of a twelve month calendar featuring resident and client art on every page. During the March Legislative Conference that same year, resident art was displayed at a show at California’s Capitol. 

Now in its fifth year, CAHF residents have contributed  hundreds of pieces of artwork. Our newest 2015 calendar includes more than 160 paintings, drawings, collages and other creative pieces.

In addition, CAHF facilities have donated 30 art pieces which are now on permanent display at the CAHF office building in Sacramento.  CAHF still has wall space and has recently received a donation of art featured in the 2013 calendar.

The art seen here is entirely from submissions for the 2013 calendar. Many of these artists have been creating all their lives but there are also those who did not recognize their creativity until now and are making great art in nursing homes, mental health facilities and facilities for the developmentally disabled. Our thanks to all the residents who enrich our lives and inspire us every day with their many talents.

Click the facility name below to view resident art work.  Please be patient, some of these are very large files.

Order a 2015 calendar here

Marlinda Imperial Convalescent Hospital

New Horizons

Newport Nursing and Rehab Center

Oak Valley Care Center

Paradise Valley Estates

Petaluma Care and Rehab

Reutlinger Comm for Jewish Living


Vienna Nursing & Rehab Center

Villa Marin

Vista Pacifica Ent

Windsor Gardens of the Valley


Art for Life Wall at CAHF

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