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About CAHF

The California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF) is a non-profit professional association founded in 1950 to serve as a statewide organization for long-term care providers. The Association and its members are dedicated to improving the quality of long-term health care in California through educational programs and proactive advocacy with the Legislature and administrative agencies.

California Association of Health Facilities
Founded in 1950, the California Association of Health Facilities is a non-profit trade association representing skilled-nursing facilities and intermediate-care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities. It is dedicated to providing quality care for the frail, elderly, intellectually disabled and those with chronic mental illness. CAHF is the largest provider of continuing education for long-term care providers in California. Serving 350,000 individuals each year, skilled nursing providers are directly responsible for more than 135,000 jobs and $5 billion in wages and benefits to long-term care employees.

Five Reasons to Join CAHF:

  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy at the state and federal level
  • Timely information about industry trends
  • Education and training for long-term care professionals
  • Promotion of long-term care at local, regional, state and national levels
  • Group insurance programs and other membership benefits

Member Benefits

 When you join CAHF, your benefits begin immediately!

          A subscription to CAHF E-News, widely considered the prime source of long-term care news for California providers and vendors. Each edition comes to you conveniently by e-mail. You will also receive up-to-the-minute alerts and bulletins on vital issues by fax or e-mail.

          Technical assistance and guidance from CAHF staff and consultants. These skilled and experienced professionals include CPAs, MBAs, RNs, NHAs, QIDPs/QMRPs, and a number of former employees of California state regulatory and reimbursement agencies.

Access to essential information in the “Members Only” section of the CAHF website. You and your employees can instantly establish passwords to this invaluable resource, which is updated daily. The latest information on such topics as regulations, new laws, reimbursement and workforce issues is at your fingertips, as well as quick links to other Internet resources.

          A website listing where consumers and potential clients can find information on your facility or company (and we can also include a link to your website). Your listing will be on the public pages of the website, where both CAHF members and visitors to the website can locate your facility.

         For a searchable database of our member facilities and associate members click here

Who We Serve

CAHF's members include:

  • Skilled-nursing facilities (SNFs) – Sometimes called "nursing homes" or "convalescent hospitals," these facilities provide comprehensive nursing care for chronically ill or short-term residents of all ages, along with rehabilitation and specialized medical programs.
  • Subacute-care facilities – Specialized units often in a distinct part of a nursing facility. Subacute-care facilities focus on intensive rehabilitation, complex wound care and post-surgical recovery for residents of all ages who no longer need the level of care found in a hospital.
  • Intermediate-care facilities (ICFs) – In addition to room and board, these facilities provide regular medical, nursing, social and rehabilitative services for people not capable of full independent living.
  • Intermediate-care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICFs/DD) – Known in California as intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICFs/DD), intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled - habilitative (ICFs/DD-H) and intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled - nursing (ICFs/DD-N). At the federal level these facilities are  known as intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled (ICFs/IID).
  • Institutes for mental health (SNF/STPs) – Designated in California as "special treatment programs," these facilities provide extended treatment periods for people of all ages with chronic mental health problems; most of the clients are younger than 65. Specialized staff serve clients in a secured environment.
  • Products and services providers – Individuals, firms and corporations which provide information, products and services for long-term care facilities and homes are part of CAHF's valuable network of associate (vendor) members.
CAHF's IRS form 990 is available upon request to the public. Contact to obtain a copy.

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    Our Mission
    To provide leadership, advocacy and education for long-term healthcare professionals who serve the needs of California residents and to ensure patient placement at the most appropriate and cost-effective level.

    Did You Know?
    Each year, CAHF members provide short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, end-of-life assistance and critical habilitative nursing services for 350,000 people. 


    Representing California nursing home providers and dedicated to quality health care

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